Saturday, 11 April 2015


 I met the man…I met the man!
No not the Man…I mean the man…
From Pilate’s court with joy he ran
‘I’m free again!’  the words he chimed
The market square, he stood to dance

Condemned to death, today he sang
“I don’t believe what He the Man…”
“had told the world ‘bout He’s the One…”
“But  all I knew, my death at hand”
“For me to be then He was hung”

He sung, he sung, a treacherous man
Who’s place He took, the only Son
His legs, His hands, the nails were rammed
His blood He shed though all He’d done
Was love beyond what we could stand
I met the man…I met the man!

And now you read and dare demand
“Who is the man you seem to shun?”
The man I met was me undone
Today I’m done
To Him I thank

©Prince Ampofo |

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Two of the greatest and most powerful events involving divinity and humanity have been God’s work of creation and Jesus’ work of salvation.

Is it not interesting that at the eve of each of these events we are introduced to a ‘Helper’?

God In Creation
God’s stupendous work reveals Man created in His image, put in His presence and perfected in every state. Yet God makes a declaration that excites a man who didn’t even think of help in any other form but God Himself.
Yes I am here, yes the garden is complete in itself, yes your naming ceremony of all things alone is proof of your dominion mandate,
“It is not good for you (man) to be alone….I will make him a helper…” Where does the helper come from, the man himself. The man indirectly helps God make him a helper as he sleeps and an extract is made.
God makes this Helper and the man makes her his wife.

Jesus in Salvation
With an assignment of releasing what would be the earth’s greatest help, Heaven throws a search for a helper and guess who surfaces? A woman named Mary.
Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, chose a team of twelve (12) to help Him in His ministry.  He walks the face of the earth with so much authority and love ( turned water to wine, raised the dead, unlike Moses walked on water without dividing it, fed a multitude with a little boy’s meal, etc) that his helpers are troubled by his pronouncement of his death.
…and like God, when he was so close to the assignment, He sits his people down and declares,
“…it is to your advantage that I leave…” Paraphrased, “I may have taught you a million lessons, enough to change the world, I may have taught you to pray to the father, but would need a ‘Helper’.
One who will come in my name.

Whenever Divinity reaches for Humanity, a Helper is involved.
Like Rahab, Lot, Jacob, help is proof that God wants to move you higher. 

I pray God grants us the wisdom to discern our Helpers and ‘Helpees’(those who need our help too!)  when we meet them. 

 Keep faith alive.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Many a time people show up in our life and become so relevant we think life impossible without them. They become our Moses commissioned not only to free us from our past,  but to lead us to a place of promise.

Yet in the twists of life, just when we have showed up before what seem to be a life threatening obstacle which would simply not go away (our red sea), they are nowhere to be found.
Could be a parent, a best friend, a mentor – someone you least expected this from.
How painful such an experience….

But today I have news for you! I know 'a way'
If your ‘Moses’ won’t walk you through the ‘red sea’, No problem.
Jesus will walk you on the water….

Keep faith alive…

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A LEADER AT LAST (Poetry Expression)

I have been called today to lead,

And now my ‘me’ has changed to ‘we’

 “We will...we shall...we do believe”

In dark or dusk I ought to see

To be the lead I’m called to be.

I have been called today to love

My needs their needs would stand above

The rich, the poor I’ll bridge the gap

And bring the joy the Lord would have

To all I lead in deepest love

I have been called today to serve

At birth I heard my Lord declare,

The world is messed so you are here

The shepherd cloak you have to wear

To guide, to care, to quench the fear

And bare the pain they’ll want to share

With you in tears which mean despair

© Prince Ampofo |

Saturday, 26 April 2014


 Don't tell me you want wisdom if you no nothing about Solomon,

Don't tell me you want to start something if you've not read the whole Genesis,

Don't tell me you love Jesus if you've never won a soul,

Don't tell me you want a fruitful day if you don't start with the Holy Spirit.

Even the disciples who stayed at His feet did not move until they encountered the Holy Spirit.

Your habits are speaking the loudest everyday.

Thank God you have the power to model the exact future you want.

In the end however, you will always get exactly what your habits have created.


When life brings you a storm, your ship will start to shake.
Let faith remain unshaken.

But always pause to check,
the 'who' who sleeps on deck.

Be it Jesus or Jonah,
each one you'd find asleep.

Jonah will be the problem.
Jesus will be the answer.

Jonah you have to throw out. Jesus you have to call in!
Keep faith alive!